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Your home is your biggest investment. Your HVAC system is a complex mechanical system that runs an estimated 8+ hours per day to keep your home comfortable. It requires regular service for peak efficiency, safety, and cost savings.

To give you peace of mind, we are pleased to introduce the Sharp-Long Care Club. It offers peace of mind that your system shouldn’t fail when you need it most. Call today – we’ll take Care of you!

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Once I am a Care Club member, do maintenance visits cost extra?
No! As part of your membership, you will receive two precision maintenance visits per year (one heating and one cooling) at no additional charge.

When do you perform Care Club maintenance visits?
We recommend maintenance visits to be performed annually for each system. This is typically required by manufacturers to keep their warranty in-tact. Your system does not require a visit to be performed at a specific time of year.

That being said, we generally perform:

If I am a Care Club member and my system breaks, how quickly can you fix it?
As a Care Club member, you will receive priority emergency scheduling preference. We have a live person to answer phones 24/7 for your convenience.

Are large filters or humidifier panels included with the membership?
No. Standard 1 inch filters are included on each visit. All other filters and humidifier panels are sold separately at the time of service.

If I request a certain technician, is it guaranteed?
No. We will do our best.

Can I receive credit for unused annual maintenance visits?
No, unfortunately we do not issue credit.

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PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP. By signing this subscription, you signify your agreement to the terms below.

The Sharp-Long Care Club membership includes a wide range of attractive benefits. Eligibility for your membership is contingent on your membership having been in good standing for at least six months. As part of our Care Club, we will provide you with the necessary labor and materials to perform two precision maintenance visits per year (one heating and one cooling). Pricing does not include separate dispatch fees, repairs, or other services. The Company will use ordinary care in performing the tasks. We do not guarantee the condition of the equipment and cannot eliminate obsolescence or normal wear.