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Give a Big Thanks to Mom on Mother’s Day

Fixed Fast, Fixed Right

Nothing will ever parallel the love a mother shares with her child. Moms play such an integral part of our lives. They’re always there to help bolster us up from any kind of issues that may trouble us throughout our childhood and beyond. They make tremendous sacrifices for our well being without expecting anything in return.

And most importantly of all, they give us life lessons that we might not appreciate at the moment, but realize, later on, were essential for our success as adults. At Sharp-Long 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, we want to take a moment to thank all the Moms in our lives, and the important role they played in our lives.

Maybe Playing with Fire Wasn’t a Good Idea?

Starting a fire in a designated spot such as a fire pit can be a gratifying experience. Many people say that watching a fire can have relaxing effects on the mind. However, you should never attempt to light a fire in an uncontrolled spot.

Just like Mom said, never play with fire around the house – it can lead to serious consequences. There’s nothing like a bonfire or even a fire to help take care of yard clippings. However, the wind can spread the fire dangerously close to your home or towards your neighborhood.

Also, it can create noxious smoke for your HVAC system, leading to further repairs down the line. While we might of though Mom was trying to ruin the fun, she may have protected us from some serious trouble as kids.

Don’t Forget to Lend a Hand in the Garden

Many people can recall fond memories of helping out Mom in the garden picking out fresh fruits and veggies for supper, selecting some daisies for a classy vase, or planting a new oak tree out in the yard.

We probably learned many essential tidbits of knowledge in regards to caring and nurturing a plant to full bloom.

These hobbies can help keep the air around our homes cleaner and the total workload on our HVAC systems that much lighter.

By keeping lots of fresh greenery around your home, the air filter in your home will last much longer than otherwise. Also, the maintenance and upkeep of your HVAC system will cost significantly less thanks to the good habits that were ingrained into us by mom.

Vacuuming Can Be a Beneficial Chore!

There are few other chores more dreaded than vacuuming the floors on a late Sunday afternoon. Moms are always adamant on keeping the floors spotless just in case anyone decided to drop by on an impromptu visit. However, a clean floor may be more of a benefit than we thought.

The accumulated dirt and dust that resides on the floors of your home can clog the air filter or can damage the HVAC system over a long period of time. It can also make its way into the air ducts, affecting our lungs too! So while it helps to house look nice, it also keeps your AC working at its best.

So this Mother’s Day, remember to take a moment to give a big to those life lessons. While it was a challenge as kids, as adults, you can most likely appreciate the benefits they offer your Lees Summit home!