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Spring Cleaning is an Old Tradition – And You Should Stick With It

Fixed Fast, Fixed Right

If you’ve ever wondered why we go through the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning, the answer dates back to a bygone era. At some point in our history, our houses were primarily heated by a fireplace. Since fuel was limited and, generally, hard work to achieve, houses were kept as close as possible to prevent the warm indoor air from escaping, keeping the inhabitants comfortable.

The more the house was opened, the more wood would need to be burned and the colder the dwellers would be. When the Winter finally thawed and the calendar turned to Spring, it was an opportunity to throw open the doors, air out the house, and clean out all of the accumulated soot and grime of a long winter.

With central heating now the norm, the practice of Spring Cleaning may seem outdated. However, even if you don’t feel the need to scrub down your house thoroughly, there are elements of Spring Cleaning you shouldn’t forget.

Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Air Quality

One element from old fashioned Spring Cleaning and today’s world that has remained the same is a focus on air quality. In the past, finally letting in the fresh air and cleaning out the soot of winter fires would clean the air.

Today, your indoor air quality can still be the focus, just in a different way. The air quality in your house can impact every aspect of your overall wellbeing.

That means that, in addition to scrubbing down your counters and making your kitchen sparkle, you should pay attention to your HVAC system as well for Spring Cleaning.

Feeling The Effects of Low Indoor Air Quality

Especially since it’s invisible, it’s easy to assume that the air quality in our house is high. It doesn’t feel or smell dirty and it’s in my house, so my air must be okay, right?

Unfortunately, this time of year, in particular, it is easy for even slightly neglected HVAC systems to be circulating poor air quality throughout the house.

The tricky part is you may not even realize the effects. Often showing as allergies or a cold that just won’t go away, the effects of low indoor air quality are frequently attributed to a simple change of seasons. The thought is that little can be done to prevent those feelings but that’s not actually the case.

Improve Efficiency With a Spring Tune-Up

It isn’t a massive chore to keep your HVAC system maintained. In actuality, the best way to do it is just with some bi-annual maintenance, in the form of a tune-up, that will keep your HVAC system running well.

While they can be performed any time of year, it actually makes sense to schedule the maintenance in conjunction with Spring Cleaning, as the weather warms up.

This will keep your air quality high, your monthly bills low and your house comfortable for the upcoming warmer weather. While maintaining your HVAC system should be an integral part of your Spring Cleaning, there are other things you should include. Since the weather is getting warmer, most of us will break out our electric fans.

Make sure the blades on these fans are dusted and cleaned, to prevent excess dust from circulating in your air. For more tips on your indoor air quality or to schedule a Spring HVAC tune-up, call Sharp-Long 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating at (816) 524-4308.