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Find Your Home’s Perfect Winter Temperature

Fixed Fast, Fixed Right

Maybe your favorite winter scene is out of a movie or from your own backyard. It could be flurries falling or making snow angels with your kids. Your favorite image of winter might including looking out of the window at a ski resort watching adults play as if they were children.

No matter what winter brings to mind, it also always brings higher energy bills. We’re going to take a look at how best you can keep your electricity costs down this year by simply adjusting your home heater temperature. Keep reading for more information!

What is a ‘Normal’ Winter Temperature?

Of course, what is considered normal for one family may be too warm or too chilly for another. During the coldest winter days, it is ideal to find a temperature that is comfortable yet can save you money.

If you find that your home feels best when the heater is set to 76 degrees, consider lowering this value by one or two points–making it a temperature of 75 or 74 degrees.

You don’t have to drop your home’s temperature by two or more degrees overnight, you can simply adjust over a period of days or weeks. To see the most savings, you may want to consider keeping your home at 72 degrees during the day and 68 degrees at night. Although 68 might sound far too cold, remember that you will be asleep and under your warm comforter.

Finding The Best Thermostat

Hopefully, your home does not still use a mechanical thermostat. Although these devices still technically work, they are outdated and really don’t do much in the way of saving money. Here are the top three kinds of thermostats that you might consider:

  • Digital- although the most basic digital thermostats are not technically ‘programmable,’ these units allow for you to set the minimum temperature that your house much reach before the heater comes on.
  • Programmable- similar in function to digital thermostats, these devices have the added benefit of being able to program the temperature based on the time of day. This is helpful if daytime temperatures are almost hot but nights dip below freezing. You can also program the thermostat to cooler temperature while you’re away at work.
  • Smart- these are the newest, latest, and greatest thermostats on the market. They learn your schedule to automatically adjust temperatures based on when you are home. They can be controlled anywhere by your smartphone, and you can receive monthly energy reports to show how to conserve more.

Keeping Your Electric Bill Low

As much as we love the smart thermostats that are available, you don’t have to have one to keep your electric bill low.

The best thing to remember is to keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature and to not ‘save money’ by completely turning it off.

We mention this because many people choose to turn their systems off if they are away for a day. This means that your home gets very cold and your heater has to work twice as long to warm it up.

If you’d like help determining the most efficient temperature for your home this winter, call Sharp-Long 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating! We can help ensure your home stays comfortable year-round.
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