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The Summer Heat Is Here: Time to Prepare Your AC

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The Summer Heat Is Here: Time to Prepare Your ACSummer in the south without proper air conditioning is tolerable for the hardiest types. However, for those of us who need to work, prepare meals, and get a good night’s rest at home, a reliable cooling system is a must.

Summer heat in Missouri can be extreme, with heat waves ranging into dangerous temperatures. Most of the time, however, it’s simply uncomfortable.

This summer, beat the heat and avoid unnecessary expenditures by having your AC prepped and primed with the help of Sharp-Long 72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your AC in time for a scorcher.

Clean the Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Cleaning your condenser and evaporator coils allows your AC system to operate more effectively and efficiently.

These can be done yourself but requires some disassembly as well as handling of harsh chemical detergents.

The safest way to have these cleaned is to call your local HVAC professionals.

We can help you clean and straighten your coils to prevent debris from clogging the system and hindering the quality of the heat transfer.

Regular cleaning will also extend the lifespan of your unit and help you avoid soaring energy costs.

Schedule Your Annual Checkup

The Summer Heat Is Here: Time to Prepare Your AC

Our team can help you diagnose any issues with your system by running a comprehensive yearly checkup.

One of our highly qualified members will evaluate the condition of your system, make any required AC repairs, and make sure your system is ready to take on the demands of summer.

Doing this is much better than avoiding regular maintenance and waiting until something is clearly and noticeably wrong to fix it.

There are many small improvements we can make to help you avoid larger-scale issues in the future, which could be significantly more pricey.

Don’t risk the extra expenses and the possibility of compromising your comfort for a few days – plan for regular checkups instead.

Have Your Home Audited

If you notice issues with your cooling system and can’t get to the bottom of them yourself, call us to perform an energy audit.

We can identify issues with the system itself as well as any external factors hampering its performance.

Replace the Filter

The Summer Heat Is Here: Time to Prepare Your ACFor example, bad insulation, weak sealing and caulking, and areas of air loss can all negatively impact the level of comfort your air conditioner provides.

With central AC systems, the filter plays a crucial role.

During the heat exchange, it sifts out dust and allergens, purifying the air in the process.

If you let this debris build-up, airflow will be constrained, and the functionality of the whole system will be compromised.

Filters should be replaced – or at least cleaned – twice a year if you can afford to do so.